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Why Counseling?


  • We all have broken dreams and personal  setbacks. Most of us have experienced loving and losing. Many experience  intense trauma, (i.e., accidents, personal injuries and illness,  neglect or abuse in its many forms). Depression, anxiety and phobias get  in our way and hinder our lives.
  • Counselors are trained to assist in  overcoming distress and to help guide clients on a path to personal  recovery. Sometimes, we need a caring and compassionate therapist who  can walk us through the pain (in a confidential setting) to a brighter  day tomorrow.
  • Counselors can offer objective opinions and recommendations which friends and family are reluctant or unable to give.
  • Most of us could benefit from EMDR (Eye  Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), an amazing technique to  relieve prolonged distress without medication or endless therapy. It is a  safe, reliable technique for finding peace from persistent and  troubling situations in life; phobias, abuse recovery, PTSD, addictive  and compulsive behavior.

Payment Options

Patients are offered many different options.  Nothing is more  heart-breaking than to see unique, wonderful, talented people throw away  their lives, their health and their relationships rather than getting  skilled help for these problems. Anyone can get involved in a 12-step  group and pray diligently for guidance at no charge, even if they feel  they cannot afford therapy. Some therapists will set up a payment plan  for you. 

Most of the therapists I know take some pro bono clients or are willing  to adjust their fees on a sliding scale if needed. Mental health centers  typically offer sliding scale rates. Contact local churches, school  guidance counselors or pastoral counselors. Call the mental health or  behavioral health number on the back of your insurance card and find out  what your benefits are and whether you have a deductible, co-pay, or  need a referral to a therapist in order to be covered. Many employers  offer free EAP (Employee Assistance) sessions through licensed  counselors. I am on several EAP panels and on many insurance panels for  outpatient sessions. You might be eligible for 5-8 free sessions per  year through your EAP. Check it out. Contact your human resources  department at work.