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I am a Licensed Social Worker (LCSW), not a physician. I cannot  prescribe medications. Some conditions such as bi-polar disorders,  severe depressions, anxiety disorders, some eating disorders,  schizophrenia and some anger management issues either require or are  best treated with medication and counseling together. I have a large  network of physicians and psychiatrists to whom I can refer the patient  for medication while they continue in counseling with me. I willingly  collaborate with physicians on behalf of my patients. If hospitalization  becomes necessary, I can facilitate that. Support groups and recovery  groups can be very powerful in healing. 

I am an experienced psychotherapist with a Bachelor’s Degree from  Western Kentucky University and have  a Master’s Degree in Social Work  from the University of Tennessee College of Social Work. 

I have 25 years of experience in treating adolescents, adults, and couples with a specialty in abuse recovery, PTSD, and EMDR. 

Prior to full-time private practice, I worked for Dede Wallace Mental  Health Center (now Centerstone), Advance Eating Disorders, Nashville  Healthcare Psychiatric Group and Parthenon Pavillion Outpatient Program.